Worthing Airsoft

Next game: Sun 14th Jul 2024


Rules: The Basics

Age restrictions

Minimum ages for partaking in airsoft games at our organised events:   

  • 12-13 year olds may play if a responsible adult (18+) remains on site. The adult does not have to pay anything if they are not playing.   
  • 14-17 year olds may play on their own, but must be signed in by a responsible adult (over 18), and an emergency contact number must be left.   
  • Any player under the age of 18s must wear full face protection (we have free loan kit available)
  • Under 18s are not allowed to use pyrotechnics.

Power Limits

Worthing Airsoft chronohraph all guns before they are allowed to be used in game. We operate on Joules instead of FPS as this keeps all guns within legally defined limits and ensure all players are kept safe. All testing is done on 'In game' setups, this means both the hop setting and and ammo weight are exactly as player intends to use for play.

The following are hard limits (maximums) and the joule limits given below are for a RIF/IF setup as game ready. All players must have their guns put through chronograph testing prior to the start of the day.

A copy of the limits table can be found in the downloads section on this website.

Site limits are as follows:

  • AEG/GAS/PISTOL (Including full auto) – 1.14J Maximum
  • DMR – (Fixed semi auto, must have stock – 1.64J Maximum
  • Bolt Action Rifle – 2.32J Maximum

All full auto capable guns are subjet to a maximum Round Per Second (RPS) limit of 25RPS

Minimum engagement distances for both bolt action snipers and DMR’s are 30 metres

For DMR’s you are required to watch each shot to completion (hit/miss) before taking your next shot, no spamming of triggers

DMR's must be fixed semi auto with no capability to be switched to full auto in the field and have a full stock - There are no sniper pistols allowed on site

Sub powered bolt action rifles have no minimum engagement distance

Full auto is not to be used on any player under 10 metres or inside any base or structure. Full auto should be kept to bursts of no more than a couple of seconds. Longer bursts are acceptable if a target is at longer range. We allow players to use this at their discretion,  however should we find you unable to judge safely we may limit you to semi auto fire only.

Arrival On-Site   

  • Arrive on-site: 8.00am   
  • Safety briefing: 10.00am   
  • First game start: 10.30am
  • Lunch: 1.00pm   
  • Finish: approx. 4.00pm

We aim to adhere to these times as much as is possible, but it requires all players to arrive in good time, get signed in and chrono’d ready for deployment immediately after the safety briefing. Turning up late, taking your time to come to the briefing when called and leaving chrono until after the briefing will result in everyone losing out on play time – please help us to keep things running on time…

* Please note that if you miss the safety briefing, you will be required to wait until a marshal is available to go through the safety briefing with you. This may result in missing the first 1 or 2 of games. Please arrive on time to avoid disappointment.

Clothing Recommendations

We have jackets available for free loan but we recommend that you bring at least the following:   

  • Sturdy boots (hiking or military boots are ideal).
  • Thick, full length trousers (combat trousers are great and cost very little).
  • Long sleeved top (again, combat shirts are perfect).
  • Clean footwear/clothes if the weather is wet.

Please consider the site you are attending and the weather – if it’s woodland and it’s raining, you will get wet and muddy. If you get cold and wet with no fresh clothes you won’t enjoy it as much.


Airsoft can be a very demanding physical and mental activity, and is usually played in woodland, scrubland and derelict buildings. Please ensure you are physically and mentally fit to engage in airsoft activities and are wearing suitable footwear.

If you have any concerns please speak to us before playing, especially if you have any special requirements which we need to accommodate for you. All such communication will be treated with the greatest respect and in complete confidence.

Worthing Airsoft has a great safety record – your health and wellbeing is our prime concern.


The first and golden rule of Airsoft is "Don't be a dick!" By sticking to this one rule players will have a great time and so will all those around them. We ask all players to treat others how they wish to be treated also.

Anyone found repeatedly breaking any of the game or site rules, or otherwise behaving in a disruptive or overly aggressive manner will be spoken to and removed from the current game if required. If this behaviour continues they will be asked to leave the site. Abusive, violent or threatening behaviour towards other players, marshals or managers will not be tolerated and will result in a ban from all of our sites.

Remember, we are all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves – don’t take the game too seriously!!!

Great place, great staff, constantly changing game play environment. Burgers to die for.

- Bruce Chennell


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