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Site Safety Rules

Safe Zone

The Safe Zone is defined by signage, tape boundaries and the car park area. There are to be absolutely no loaded weapons in this area at any time (which also includes pistols in holsters and moscarts in launchers)

Testing of all guns should be conducted on the dedicated range where Chronograph testing is conducted. Eye protection is to be worn at all times on the range. All weapons are to have magazines removed and clearing shots made to ensure no BB’s remain within the gun prior to leaving the range area.

There is to be no dry firing or test cycling of guns in the car park or safezone unless conducted by a member of Worthing Airsoft staff for safety reasons. You may be asked to leave site if we find you doing otherwise.

Rubbish bags are provided in the safe zone, please use them. Coke cans have their own separate bin and this should be used for them. No rubbish should be left out on site, players found doing so may be asked to leave site.

There are two public footpaths which run alongside the site; however these do not enter the main gameplay area. Players are not go within 50 metres of these pathways.

Should there be a safety issue arise in the gameplay area a shout of ‘Ceasefire’ should be issued as loudly as possible. If you hear ‘Ceasefire’ please repeat it. Call for marshal and wait for their direction. Whoever initiates the call should make themselves known to the marshals immediately and point out the nature of the problem. Ceasefires are not an opportunity to gain a tactical advantage, stay exactly where you are. Safeties should be applied and weapons pointed at the floor until ‘GAME ON’ is called.

Eye protection is to be worn at all times in gameplay areas. Do not remove your eye pro for any reason in the game play area. Should you have an issue with your eye protection try and move to a safe area and call for a marshal to assist you. If your eye protection is damaged or dislodged make yourself as small as possible and shout for ‘Ceasefire’ immediately.

All weapons should have magazines removed and clearing shots made prior to entering the safe zone area.

Worthing airsoft recommends the use of full face protection that seal around the eyes. For players under 18 years of age full face protection is mandatory. Players between the ages of 14 and 18 may use a combination of ANSI rated ballistic glasses and a mesh/solid mask. Soft masks and shemagh’s are not permitted. Players wearing riot style helmets, or helmets fitted with face shields must wear ballistic glasses underneath them.

Players are not permitted to climb trees or on top of bases. Any platforms above ground height are used at the players own risk.

Only pyro sold on site or verified by a marshal/staff are permitted to be used on site. Nothing above an mk5/9mm blank may be used (No 12g blanks) If in doubt speak to a marshal who will verify them for you. Under 18’s are not permitted to use pyro on site.

No TAG products are currently permitted to be used on site. We will update should this change in the future.

Players are not permitted to carry knives with them into games. Multi tools are fine but must be secured and only used for their intended purpose.

Airsoft by its nature can be hazardous; you are playing in uneven woodland which may be wet and contain various hazards. Please be careful when moving about as slips and trips can occur, correct footwear should be worn which supports the ankle. Players may be refused access to games if we deem their footwear to not be suitable for ground conditions.

First Aid

There are trained first aiders on site should you or another player require assistance. Please note for serious injuries we will make you comfortable and then call an ambulance. Any players with medical conditions that may affect them whilst participating in games should make staff aware of them if they have not already done so when booking in.

Site Power Limits

Worthing Airsoft requires all guns be under their respective joule limit on OUR chronographs. We don’t care if it passes on another site, our ones are the only ones that matter on the day. Testing is conducted on the stated weight of ammo you intend to use in game on a trust basis. If you change your ammo weight please find a marshal to get retested. Random testing may be operated throughout the day, anyone found to be intentionally cheating site limits will be banned from site and their name passed to other site operators.

Site limits are as follows:

AEG/GAS/PISTOLS (Including full auto) – 1.14J Maximum

DMR – (Semi auto and full stocked) – 1.88J Maximum

Bolt Action Rifle – 2.32J Maximum

Minimum engagement distances for both bolt action snipers and DMR’s are 30 metres.

For DMR’s you are required to watch each shot to completion (hit/miss) before taking your next shot, no spamming of triggers. They must be fixed semi auto with no capability to be switched to full auto in the field and have a full stock.

We now restrict the use of full body Ghillie suits to Bolt Action and DMR players only. You cannot use a full auto capable primary whilst wearing one.

Cobra style (Shoulder/Hood) style concelament systems can use full auto capable RIF's. Jacket/Upper Body/Cape concealment systems are restricted to sniper class (Bolt Action/DMR) RIF's only. 

Sub 1 Joule powered bolt action rifles have no minimum engagement distance.

HPA - Worthing Airsoft welcomes all HPA users. We offer limited refills on site for a small charge but we recommed that you invest in a tank you can bring with you. All regulators are required to be tournament locked once they have passed chronograph testing. Should you need to make adjustments after this time, please consult with a marshal or the safe zone staff to confirm you are under site limits before re-entering any games.

Full auto is not to be used on any player under 10 metres away or inside any base or structure. Targets may be engaged on full auto in both directions if they are further away than 10 metres however. Please keep full auto to short controlled bursts - Around 2 seconds is more than enough unless engaging targets at longer ranges. Players should use their own judgement, however should we find you unable to do this safely we may limit you to semi auto fire only.

The round per second (RPS) limit for the site is 25 RPS max

Binary triggers are not permitted to be used on site


The first and golden of airsoft is “Don’t be a cock” By adhering to this one golden rule you will have no problems on site. Treat every other player how you wish to be treated, don’t ruin someone else’s day by being an idiot. Cheating to benefit a team with regards to game rules is not tolerated on our site; just because you can doesn'tmean you should.

Airsoft is a game of honor; there are no markers to indicate a hit like Paintball. You must be aware at all times of what is going on around you and err on the side of caution if you are unsure if you have been hit. A hit on any part of the body or kit counts as a kill.

Weapon hits do count at Worthing Airsoft - If your primary weapon is hit it should be declared as a ‘Weapon hit’ If you have a secondary weapon you may transition to that, if you don’t have a secondary it counts as a first hit.

When hit you should declare this clearly and loudly with a call of “HIT!” and raise your hand or weapon in the air. If you are lying down you should stand up immediately. If behind cover visibly show you have been hit by waving a hand out from the cover or step out.

Dead men don’t talk, this includes radios. No signalling to you mates where the player that shot you is. No funny head movements or heading back to spawn telling players still in game where people are.

Should you be found by marshals to be cheating we reserve the right to remove you from the game zone and potentially ban you from site. Not only does this apply to hit taking. Blind firing, overkill, dangerous behaviour and physical aggression towards other players or marshals will not be tolerated.

Cheat calling is not allowed on site.

Any player found to be under the effects of alcohol/non prescription drugs will not be allowed to join in games.

Please note the use of lasers is not permitted at Worthing Airsoft as they cannot be tested for safety of output on site.

Should you have a problem with another player please find a marshal to resolve it for you. Aggressive interactions with other players will not be tolerated and may result in YOU being removed from site. If you find yourself becoming heated or angry please remove yourself from game to calm down and then speak with a marshal about the issue.

Surrender Rule

We do not have a bang rule on site and operate the surrender rule instead. It is not mandatory to offer surrender or accept one, players may react but must accept they can be shot at close range when doing so. Surrender’s may be conducted at further distances if one player has the other at a disadvantage. There is no requirement for players to make a surrender attempt on other players, they can elect to shoot you instead. Any close range fire should be directed away form the head and towards centre mass and be on semi auto.


Grenades count as anything that explodes with a bang. Grenades have a kill radius of 5 metres, extending 2.5 meters each side of the explosion unless deployed into a base. Inside structures, grenades kill all players in that room/level. To survive a grenade you must either be outside of its kill radius or behind hard cover. Paper based pyro can be thrown overarm, Blank Firing Grenades (BFG’s) and solid state (Impact) grenades must be thrown underarm or posted safely through windows. You must be able to see the end point of any deployed pyro. Blind throws are not allowed.

Smoke grenades with Red and Green coloured smoke have an area of effect at Worthing. Red smoke is classed as Incendiary and Green smoke is classed as Toxic. Any player caught in smoke of either is dead instantly and must head to a respawn point. All other colours are for cover effect only.


Knife Kills

A knife kill is when a player can close distance with an unware opponent and place a hand on them or tap/touch them with a training knife. This is counted as an instant kill and the dead player must head straight to thier respawn. We do not allow the throwing of training knives at players.


Players should be in control of their weapons at all times and aiming down sights at targets. Blindfiring is considered to be any action by a player where they cannot clearly identify the target they are engaging whilst handling their weapon in an unsafe manner.

This includes: 

  • Shooting a weapon whilst the player remains in cover by shoving it around or over that cover
  • Discharging the weapon whilst not having the weapon in the shoulder or looking down the sights
  • Not presenting a target when discharging their weapon
  • Moving whilst shooting with the weapon not in the shoulder or looking down the weapon/sights

Any player found to be enacting any of the above practices will be spoken to by marshals and my be reoved from game and/or banned from site.

Keyhole Engagements

On various bases and barricades on site, there are gaps/openings, some small and some large.

Players can shoot through these holes as long as:

  • They are able to clearly identify the target they are engaging
  • They do not poke the muzzle of thier weapons through the hole
  • Are aware of their surroundings and not ednadgering other players


Worthing Airsoft requests that all full auto fire but kep to short bursts, except at long range. A general rule of 2 second bursts of full auto is enough. Bear in mind that if the first BB of your burst finds the target, all of them following it will also there too. Always consider how you would feel to be on the recieving end of the fire you dish out. 

Above all Worthing Airsoft wants you to have a safe and fun day. All players attending and participating in games accept that they may be shot, sometimes at close range. Players should also accept that they may be shot in the head and should wear appropriate head/face protection. We ask that players do not target the head where the rest of the body is visible.

By signing the Worthing Airsoft disclaimer you accept all above rules and standards of conduct whilst on site, breach of any of these may result in your removal or ban from site. Please speak to marshals on site if you have any questions about anything not covered above.

Great settings, safety is paramount and staff give a professional and friendly service. Food included in the price. Excellent job.

- Matt Crosskey


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