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This page is intended as a basic summary of what UKARA is for and how you can register for an entry on their database. For more information, please visit the UKARA website. This page is not intended as legal advice.

The Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 introduced two legal categories which will affect you if you wish to buy an airsoft gun:

  • Imitation Firearms (IFs)
  • Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIFs)

Without delving into the exact legal definitions (there’s plenty of information out there if you want to know – just Google it), pretty much every airsoft gun falls under one of these two categories.

To buy anything that looks remotely like a real firearm (even a transparent plastic or brightly coloured one) you have to be at least 18 years of age.

In addition to the minimum age requirement, if you wish to purchase a RIF (basically anything that actually looks like a real gun) then you must be able to prove that you have one of a number of valid legal defences. As this is an airoft skirmish site, we will discuss the defence that you are a regular airsoft player at a recognised skirmish site.

The easiest way to be able to prove this defense to a retailer is to have a valid entry on the UKARA database which they can confirm.

How do I get a UKARA database entry?

To qualify for an entry on the UKARA database, you must be an active player at a recognised skirmish site such as Worthing Airsoft. The exact requirement is that you must have attended a minimum of three skirmishes during a minimum period of two months.

UKARA have now changed their registration process.

The upshot of the changes basically means that there is one less form to complete and the time taken to add new players to the system has been reduced.

Existing UKARA entries will remain unaffected. Players will still need to attend a minimum of three games over a period of no less than two months and be aged 18 or above to qualify for a new entry.

The new process is as follows:

Download a membership application form here for free Gunman membership, fill it out, print it off and bring it with you when you attend site. Once you have attended your qualifying games and submitted your completed membership form to us we will be able to validate your database entry and activate it by the following Wednesday.

We charge an administration fee of £10 to activate and renew UKARA entries. Database entries remain live for one year, entries do not need to be kept active to own and use realistic airsoft replicas, once your entry lapses it will remain inactive on the database until you choose to renew it for a further year.

Visit the UKARA website
Great site, great marshals, great day all round. Price includes lunch and a drink - can’t beat it! Will definitely be back.

- H. Bolton


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